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Stephanie Wehrmeister

Thoroughly Tested to the Highest Standards

When it comes to quality, we don’t guess…we test at every step of the way. Nature’s Sunshine scientists visit herb growers and vendors to examine fields, monitor harvesting practices and inspect cleaning and processing techniques. Even after verifying the quality of our suppliers, we still test raw materials and finished product batches for purity and potency, and we even keep samples for future testing to guarantee our quality.

Self-Manufactured for Consumer Confidence

Nature’s Sunshine obsesses over the quality of our ingredients, so much so that, unlike most of the competition, we don’t trust the manufacture of our products to anyone else. Our state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility is regularly audited the FDA and our manufacturing processes are certified by NSF and the TGA. We can produce up to 15 million capsules a week, and we know they’re made right, because we made them ourselves.

Continual Investment
for Continual Improvement

Whether through our numerous PhD scientists or our cutting edge laboratories and equipment, the cost of quality is worth every penny to Nature’s Sunshine and our customers. We were the first health supplement company to use a Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer capable of detecting impurities down to the parts per TRILLION, and we recently acquired a new HPTLC system specially designed to authenticate herbs and their active ingredients to ensure purity and potency for our more than 500 products.

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